Cat Solutions: We work on unique experiences

Our unique products are developed by a team of engineers, from different continents around the world and are based on a storyline. We also work together with an international network of professional companies that have already earned their traces in the leisure industry. As a result, we are able to develop unique attractions from the first idea to the realisation. We try to translate the wishes of the client as much as possible into a unique attraction that forms part of the entire story. Because of our quality performance with maximum creativity, we are able to produce unique attractions. Our leisure clients already know how to find us as we expose in more than 27 countries. That’s why you will find us for example in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Malta, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Korea, China, Kasachstan, Russia, Singapore and even Australia.

Our Creative Atelier consists of 12 people:

About CAT

We are situated closed to Berlin in Brandenburg.
Because of the proximity to the manufacturer Spiel-Bau GmbH we employ 75 People, 55 in production and 20 in the design and drawing department.


  • Basis knowlegde and many years of experience in the leisure sector through the planning of playgrounds and proven references in many well designed play areas.
  • Proximity to manufacturer Spiel-Bau GmbH – Realization of prototypes & material experiments – technological feasibility
  • Many years of experience with domestic and foreign projects and thereby a globally developed network
  • Our team can do a great job. We have a good network of excellent experts for design, programming and marketing, which we assemble according to the project. This is how we form flexible, specialized and well-coordinated teams. In this way, we guarantee that only specialists work on a task and that, despite different heads, our high work requirements are maintained.