BusinessPlan Second:

More visitors – more revenue and longer stays

Where did time go that we could easily look ahead for five to ten years? The total market of recreation, amusement, attraction and tourism is changing and competition continues to increase. The consumer is the boss and the world is lying at their feet because of the internet. Leisure companies will increasingly need to innovate and respond to the needs of the modern consumer looking for unique experiences. The need for companies to be able to profile themselves better with unique products, attracting the right entourage with appropriate concepts is becoming increasingly important.

With an action plan we help businesses solve problems and / or questions that relate to the operation. Using Storytelling and responding to the Customer Journey, we are actually thinking about- and undertaking to make- improvements based on predefined goals. We can also implement new concepts, develop business plans and / or strategic annual marketing plans. In many cases, we also train the existing staff and take the overall organisation to a higher level. For example, you can think of our guidance when selling a business, commercial business plan for a multi-annual budget investment plan and optimise the operating profit by optimising all processes and additional related issues.